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The Feria Clan Web Connection site is currently undergoing a major upgrade. Please visit this site from time to time and monitor the improvements. Our goal is provide the family with up to date information and entertainment. Our gallery page documents anything you want presented on this site. If you have a Picasaweb ¬†account or photo website that you wish included in this site do not hesitate to contact this site’s administrator.

Attention Feria and Adamos Clan Members!

The family tree on this site is continually evolving. Newly discovered relatives are added promptly and that is reason for relatives to contribute new additions to the family. If you have new information please email and I will get in touch with you. Please provide me your email address. Please note that the family tree includes other families which are linked because of marriage. The clans include the Bustamante, Recto and the Ilagan families.

4 thoughts on “Under Construction! Slowly getting shaped…

  1. Hi uncle,
    I tried logging in at the genealogy portion but I couldn’t get authentication. I received a confirmation of my registration but still I can’t seem to get through. Please advise. Thanks.

    Elias Adamos II

  2. Hi Uncle,
    Very Nice! I was able to get authorization and I was able to login. Thank you very much.

    Here are some additions: From Elias Fuertes Adamos and Librada Fabra Adamos came: Wilson, Crisostomo, Leoncio, Tomas, Rodrigo, Onofre, Ceferino, and Jose

    Wilson has a first wife with whom he sired the following children: Nena, Ada, and Albert
    Wilson had another wife: Remedios Chavez. He has two children with Remedios: Juano and Sebastian

    Jose is married to Wilheaven Lising and with whom he has four children: Gina, Jose Jr., Joel Dominic, and Emmylou

    Rodrigo married Lydia Manzano and with whom he begot Virgil, Rowena, and Rodrigo Jr.

    Onofre had a first wife with whom he sired Albert
    His second wife is Filomena with whom he sired Eduardo, Edgar, Evangelina, and Elvira

    I hope these fills up some of the missing links.

    Elias II

  3. Hi again Uncle,
    Here are from my side: My eldest brother, Leoncio III married Maria Fe Obligar with whom he sired Marco Leo.

    My brother, Ricardo married Mellany Tuason with whom he begot Richard Paolo and Ryan.
    Thank you very much for family trees.

    Elias II

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