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In this post I will be relating stories about my siblings, how my growing years have been impacted by them. So check this posting from time to time as I will continually update this story. I shall start with our eldest Cristeta down to the youngest, August. Being the youngest I will, of course, start during that time when I became aware of what was happening around me.

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  1. Hi Uncle,
    The last time I attended a reunion of Adamoses was maybe a year or two after the Pinatubo. Perhaps, three years. I am not sure. It was held at the Palladium Beach and Ambassador Cristeta was there together with General Arturo Adamos. Larry Adamos and _____ Aquino were both running for political positions in Olongapo and they were on the opposing camps. Larry, I believe, was with the Gordons while _____ Aquino was with the opposing party.

    It was the year when Dr. Archie Adamos (more popular as the actor), was also there and he was hitting it big with the “Pancit Canton” commercial. It was not the first time I saw Archie because we passed the medical board examinations in the same year in 1986 and thus were seatmates during the examinations.

    Last November 1, my eldest brother Leoncio III and I went home to San Narciso because our cousins organized a reunion in San Vicente, San Narciso, Zambales. Those who were there were: Dr. Remedios Fabra Coronel and family, Filipinas Fernandez Peterson (of Francisca Fernandez), Virgil Manzano Adamos (of Rodrigo (brother of Ceferino) and Lydia Adamos) and family, Edgar Adamos (of Onofre (brother of Ceferino) and Filomena Adamos) and family, and those from Factura, Fabra, and Dacayo family.

    The Facturas (my father, Ceferino’s side) are organizing a reunion in Cuy-Acoy, San Narciso, Zambales on December 15 but I still need to hear for its confirmation.

    The November 1 reunion was the first I have attended in so many years of absence and I enjoyed every bit of it. Aforesaid reunion came about after I brought my late mother home for final rest beside my father’s resting place in San Narciso, Zambales. My mother died on July 17, 2013. She was 86.

    Elias Dacayo Adamos II

  2. Hi Uncle,
    What is the name of Elias Adamos’ father and mother? And what about those of Librada Fabra’s?

    If I remember it correctly, my grandparents in my father’s side: Elias and Librada, were blessed with eight (8) boys: Wilson, Crisostomo, Leoncio, Onofre, Ceferino, Jose, and two other of the siblings whose names I could not recall.

    I also heard accounts that the father or grandparents of my grandfather were originally from Ilocos (I don’t really know the truth about this). Some say that the original Adamos came to the Philippines as a seafarer from Greece. How true are these stories?

    Hope to hear from you,
    Elias II

    1. I am sure of this – The Adamos of Zambales came from Vigan Ilocos Sur, in the neighborhood of Bulala. As a teenager, I visited the cemetery to help my father trace my mother’s roots. Please PM on facebook. My FB name is Victor Adams.

    2. Hi Elias, my sister Belen lives not to far from you. She may be able to help us link. Her landline phone is: 441-0460. I will be in Manila Nov of 2014. You may PM me on facebook. My FB name is Victor Adams. I will give you access to the genealogy chart so you can trace relationship.

    3. I wonder how far back I can go in tracing the family ancestry. I haven’t really tried going to the National Statistics Office or the Philippine Archives. I don’t have the slightest idea as to how to go about it or at least to start it. I heard that Dra. Adamos of San Narciso have started tracing the family. Maybe she had stopped because she moved to the U.S.

      I’m interested in knowing the names of my great grandparents and I hope I can still go further.

      Elias II

  3. Hi,
    Thank you very much. I’m happy to hear that a relative lives nearby. I will try to get in touch with her. I will ask my children to communicate with you through FB. I look forward to meeting you come November 2014. My brother, Ricardo, lives in Chandler, Arizona. I will tell him about the Feria Adamos website.

    Elias II

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