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This family tree was last updated on September 2, 2019.

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Recto Clan's First Grand Reunion
May 31, 2018 - 1:15:50 p.m.

The Grand Reunion will be held at Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 20, 2018. Thanks to all the members of the clan who are working to make this reunion a success. 

The Recto Clan has many branches. Various members were asked to submit their "mini branch" members. Currently, Hansey Cease, Gina Zamora Cowell, and Tenchie Bustamante are working to complete the "Grand Recto Tree". I realize that there are others working behind the scene to complete the tree.

The Recto Clan tree on this website is in no way complete. Efforts are underway to try to complete the tree. With the vast amount of information, mistakes can happen. We advise the visitors of this site to scrutinize and suggest a correction if possible. Please do not be offended if you find something, not to your liking. Everything that is done here is work of love, If you think you can contribute, you are most welcome.

--- Victor Feria

Genealogy Administrator

Estela-Ramos Branch Connected to Recto Clan
June 20, 2015 - 3:34:25 p.m.

Just finished adding the family branch of Betty Ramos Recto to the Feria Genealogy database. With her help we have added her own detail into the Recto Clan branch.

Behind the birth of the Genealogy Web Center
February 24, 2015 - 4:20:17 a.m.

It started one hot summer day in our residence at the Feria Compound, in Quezon City. That was about 1966. My father and I where cooling ourselves under the shade of our carport and while we where engaged in story telling it came to me to inquire about my roots. My father had great memories of our ancestors from both the Feria and Adamos clans. I took the opportunity and wrote everything he conveyed. When I came to the U.S. I discovered a software that could collate all the information I have. I enjoyed the task of gathering family information, adding every bit of what I got into the computer. Then, I included my wife's family information which mushroomed into the Recto, Bustamante, Ilagan, Tolentino and Robles clans. From then, whenever there is an opportunity to gather information, whether the occasion is a wedding, birthday parties, picnics or even funeral wakes, I always bring a laptop, and thanks to the new tablets the task made it easier for me. 

I have always wanted to share the genealogy which made me search for a software to put the data into a web page. Thanks to PhpGedView, it gave me a start. That kept the ball rolling. Years passed and the life of PhpGedView ended. WebTrees is now the succesor. It is much better, user friendly, less bugs and ample tech support!

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